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The LEGO Technic Idea Book

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50 Lego Designs with 50 Pieces

I recently got these books:

Lego Technic Idea Book Set.

My son (4 year old) and I have an absolute blast with these books, our box full of Technics parts, and a quiet afternoon in the sunshine .. we've built all kinds of crazy things that started off as a simple "lets build this thing from the book and see what it does" project and rapidly evolved into devices that threaten to consume all our joy! :)

I can't recommend these books highly enough - they are a joy to use, to have, and to apply to a box of parts. Note that there are no words in these books - just pictures of the different things you can build - and it really, really inspires creativity to do some of the most basic things. I absolutely love them and can't wait for more projects from the author, who also has a fascinating youtube channel here:

Have fun, let us know if you build anything monstrous!

seclorum, about 11 years ago

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